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April 29, 2008, 4:32 pm
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Together we will Stop Methane Flaring
The first and only organization working solely on the elimination of natural gas flares and venting! Stop the flares is organized to stop flaring by elevating awareness, increasing research and implementing proven solutions to get results. Stop the Flares will eliminate all flares worldwide by the 2020.

Stop the Flares is a movement of ordinary citizens bonded together with common goals and values: help the environment, provide alternative energy solutions and not just talk — our purpose in forming this organization is to get results.

We are also welcoming all who wish to participate to include, time, donations, research papers and general support. We plan to eliminate the economic decision to flare natural gas by providing alternative economically completive solutions. Our goal is to seek solutions that change the value of methane so it would not be economically viable to flare. The benefits to changing the flare mindset would be:

  • Reduced Carbon Dioxide emissions and pollution released to the atmosphere
  • Less wasteful practices in the energy sector
  • Opportunities to provide low cost energy to people that live near flares and potentially need it the most
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